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Monadnock Building

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Once the largest office building in the world, it now features stores/offices that could have only existed when the building was built (end of 19th century)

Monadnock Building

Cam's Thoughts:

It is weird yet cool that a building like this exists, where the only stores allowed need to have been able to exist when the building was built (late 19th century). So no TV stores or video game stores or anything like that, but flower shops, leather shops, tobacco shops, coffee shops, etc. are all fair game. Go here and visit each of the stores, since most are unique and not chains. Plus, pro-tip: anyone can use the Monadnock Building to cut-through the block it sits on, so walk through it during a cold winter day to hae a few minutes to warm up.


53 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

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